Primary endpoints met


SonR optimization is as effective as echo-guided optimization1

The RESPOND-CRT trial successfully met its primary endpoint demonstrating that automatic AV and VV optimization using the SonR contractility sensor is safe and as effective as Echo- guided AV and VV optimization.

75% of clinical responders in the SonR group versus 70% in the control group1 (p<0.001)

Results in Brief1

  • The SonRtip lead presents a very good safety profile
  • Automatic optimization with SonR is as effective as echo-guided optimization (responders 75.0% vs. 70.4%): the primary efficacy endpoint is met (p<0.001)
  • Optimization using the SonR contracility sensor shows a 35% risk reduction in HF hospitalization (p=0.01)
  • Clinical reponse for most subgroups is in favor of SonR especially in patients with a history of atrial fibrillation (22% increase in response rate) or renal dysfuction (16% increase in reponse rate)
  • For these two subgroups, SonR is associated with a risk reduction in cardiovascular death or hospitalization

SonRtip Lead Proven to be Safe

The SonRtip lead was proven to be safe, with only 1% of patients reporting lead dislodgement and 0.1% of patients reporting lead fracture.

35% Risk Reduction in HF Hospitalization1

The RESPOND-CRT landmark trial revealed that sensor-based CRT optimization with SonR is associated with a 35% reduced risk in heart failure hospitalization.


  • 1. Brugada, J., P. P. Delnoy, J. Brachmann, D. Reynolds, L. Padeletti, G. Noelker, C. Kantipudi, et al. 2016. “Contractility sensor-guided optimization of cardiac resynchronization therapy: results from the RESPOND-CRT trial.” European Heart Journal 38 (10): 730-738. doi:10.1093/eurheartj/ehw526.

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Where do we stand after two decades of trying to find the right CRT optimization strategy? Experts discuss the results of the RESPOND-CRT trial and the implications for clinical practice.

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SonR technology is available exclusively in LivaNova devices. Learn more about the Platinium SonR family of CRT-D devices.

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